Gallery Rental

The Art Gallery is available during non-open hours for use by arts groups for small venue arts events, ie. concerts, recitals, literary events. A request for rental must be made in person at the Arts Centre office where the rental policy agreement can be viewed, discussed and signed by the renter. Events that are not permitted in the Gallery include fundraisers, art auctions, weddings/receptions, political or religious events.

Availability: Most Mondays all day. Tuesdays through Saturdays after 4pm.  Some dates are unavailable due to exhibition installations.

Capacity:  Seated audience 60, tabled seating 40. Maximum number of persons permitted in the gallery at one time is 70.  These numbers subject to reduction depending on the exhibition. Some exhibitions will be unable to accommodate rentals.

Rates:  Effective January 1, 2018: $200 for 4 hours or less, $250 for 5 hours or more.  Set up and take down must be done within the time frame of the rental.

Deposit:  $100 deposit is required for events open to the public, serving liquor and/or food.  Renters give up the deposit if the gallery is not left tidy and intact.

Equipment:  Rectangular 6-foot tables (8) and 3-foot tables (4), 60 chairs. Kitchen supplies include full service for 40, included with rental. Wine glasses $1 per dozen (80).  Table linens $1 each (10).  Public address system with 4 outlets: $25.  Digital projector $50.

Policy:   We regret that the Art Gallery is not available for use as a community hall. Full policy on rentals to be read and signed by renter at time of booking.


Arts Centre Lower Level Rental

The Arts Council makes its main workroom in the lower level of the Arts Centre available for short-term or long-term daily, weekly or monthly rentals. This shared space is designed for working artists and small groups seeking temporary studio space. Renters must be members of the Arts Centre.

Availability:  Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays all day.

One time rental: $40 for 4 hours or less, or $80 per day.
Multi-day rental: $25 for 4 hours or less, or $50 per day, based on minimum 4 sessions.
Exhibition/Workshop package: $150 Sunday to Tuesday 3-day rental for artists wishing to present their work or offer an instructional event.

Equipment:  Kitchen available without supplies. Three large work tables, up to 25 chairs.