Trail Mix

15 Teams of Artists, Photographers and Guides explore Shuswap trails

Opening Reception:  Thursday, June 30 at 7pm

Exhibition:  July 1 to August 27, 2016

Coffee Break and Team Artist Talks: Thursday, July 21 and August 18 from 2pm to 4pm.

Trader Tuesday (Artist Trading Cards):  Tuesday, July 12 from 3pm to 4pm, and a special ATC workshop on Tuesday, August 9 from 2pm to 4pm.

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm
Sponsored by:  Shuswap Tourism and Shuswap Community Foundation.
The Art Gallery is grateful to the City of Salmon Arm, BC Arts Council and BC Direct Access for its support. Everyone is welcome to the gallery, admission is by donation.
Off-site venues: Prestige Inn, Prisa Lighting, Blue Canoe Bakery Cafe
On-site art installations at SABNES Raven trail and Mt. Baldy
TRAIL MIX feel-good guide available at Art Gallery

Enderby Cliffs – Tplaqin Trail
Guide      Brad Case
Artist      Cindy Whitehead
Photographer    Pat Hutchins

Humamilt Lake
Guide/Photographer   Jim Cooperman
Artist   Lisa Figueroa

Kingfisher Trails
Guide     Neil Brookes
Artist    Joanne Sale
Photographer   Aaron Leon

North Fork Wild
Guide   Jeremy Ayotte
Artist   Sara Wiens
Photographer   Sky Stevens

South Canoe – Troll Bridge
Guide    Sutra Brett
Artist    Cynthia Langford
Photographer   Viktoria Gridley-Haack

Scotch Creek – Hlina Lookout
Guide    Jaana Mainprize
Artist/Photographer   Patrick Hughes

Scatchard Mountain
Guide   David Lepsoe
Artist    Wendy Hunter
Photographer     Martin Kyllo

Blind Bay – Balmoral Bluffs
Guide    Jan Papple
Artist     Bonnie Baker
Photographer    Pat Hutchins

Skimikin Lake – Cougar Bluffs
Guide     Shirley Bates
Artist      Karen Oliver
Photographer    Ian Clay

Mt. Ida – Klas7ant
Guide     Louis Thomas
Artist     Linda Franklin
Photographer    Jim Hoskins

Margaret Falls – Reinecker Creek
Guide    Ed McDonald
Artist    Maureen Howard
Photographer   Jim Hoskins

Raven Trail
Guide    Tom Brighouse
Artist   Janet Aitken
Photographer    Jim Hoskins

Raven Trail – On Site Team
Guide    Tom Brighouse
Artist    Karen Raven
Photographer    Sky Stevens

Mt. Baldy
Guide    Jay Scholton
Artist    Eric Kutschker
Photographer   Richard Kyllo

Owlhead Trail
Guide   Phil McIntyre-Paul
Artist   Tracey Kutschker
Photographer   Ben McIntyre-Paul


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